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Messico Famigliare by Natalia Ginsburg
Submitted by Orsola de Castro

Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff

The Bunality of Evil by Hannah Arendt

High Ryes by JG Ballard
Submitted by Lewis Parker

Girlfriend in a Korma by Douglas Coupland
Submitted by Kat Tomashchuk

Focaccia in the Rye by JD Salinger
Submitted by Georgia de Castro Keeling

“Bye, Bel!” – The Bible
Submitted by Nathan Saoudi

Orange Sunshine by Jeremy Reed

Three Men in a Goat by Jerome K. Jerome
Submitted by Giulia Lindsay

Hamlet by…

The God of Small Wings by Arundhati Roy

A-toe-mint by Ian McEwan
Submitted by Giulia Lindsay

Hostess Giulia Lindsay with A Shroom of One’s Own, winner of this year’s Judge’s Prize

Congratulations to Ekaterina Tomashchuk, winner of this year’s People’s Prize, for her entry Girlfriend in a Korma. 


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