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Memoirs of a Quicha by Arthur Golden
Submitted by Francesca Lindsay

Dairy of a Nobody by George and Weedon Grossmith
Submitted by Ella Rothenstein

Olive et Twist by Charles Dickens
Submitted by Giulia Lindsay

One Flew Over a Chicken Breast by Ken Kesey

Existential Thought and the Bean: A Brief History
Submitted by Julian Keeling

Rolled Dahl
Submitted by Giulia Lindsay

Move it people! Places to go, people to see! Apollinaire wows the crowd

Much A Do About Muffin by William Shakespeare

Congratulations to the winner Julian Keeling for his entry “Existential Thought and the Bean: A Brief History.”

Julian Keeling celebrates his bottle of olive oil in style with Style Judge Anna Orsini and Literary Judge Jason Goodwin.

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